And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

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Heritage Apostolic Tabernacle Proudly Supports ALJC Missions

The Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ is fulfilling The Great Commission with 20+ missionaries in 16 countries around the globe. - Heritage Apostolic proudly gives regularly to Local and World Missions to further the spread of the gospel to every creature.

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HAT Missions

The ALJC Missions department currently supports 20+ Foreign Missionaries in 16 different countries around the world, and 9 Missions America Pastor’s in the United States. The HAT missions department’s goal is to continue the Great Commission by supporting these families through prayer and financial giving.

Just Go

Jesus tells us in Mark 16:15 to Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. This command isn’t given to only a select few, but to all of us. We have all been called to Spread the Good News of Jesus! Some Give by Going while others Go by Giving.

Support Financially - and Spiritually

Please help us pray for the continued safety and blessing of our Missionaries both at home and on the field. If you feel led you can also give to the Missions Department online. May God continue to richly bless those that are willing to Go and Spread the Gospel!

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Who We Are

The Missions Department is blessed by the leadership of Bro. Ty and Sis. Nicole Harty. Brother and Sister Harty serve in many other avenues in the church, but are now focusing their efforts to help us serve the Missionaries of this world in a better way.

Our Mission


To fulfill the Great Commission by supporting our Local and Foreign Missionaries through Financial giving and prayer. Our hope and prayer is that the whole world will come to know Christ!

Our Story


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Ty & Nicole were married in 2009 at HAT and have been blessed to be involved in multiple areas of ministry in the church. Their greatest burden, though, is for missions. They are seeking God's direction to expand our Missions Department and see the Great Commission brought to life.

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You've see all of the ways we support others. Now help us help them. Give to these causes below and we will use the money to support the ministries overseas and here in Muncie.

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